As we all front up to the current crisis we need to ensure we can get back to normal once things improve.

Which is where we come in (or, rather, where we don’t).

At GB Advertising we’ve a collective 15 years’ experience in delivering outstanding, focused creative solutions, entirely remotely, for major clients such as Mitsubishi and The National Trust and a host of creative agencies right across the UK and beyond.

Liaising closely via Skype or scheduled teleconferencing calls, we offer everything from the proverbial ‘big idea’ to web content and design artwork.

While our comprehensive Mac capabilities (Adobe Creative Suite) and our knowledge of remote server file access can help ensure that your delivery of digital and print solutions can continue uninterrupted.

It goes without saying that NDAs are fine with us too.

As is negotiating generous discounts for back-to-back bookings.

It’s a statement of the obvious. But what might be less obvious is that you can now benefit from two heads for the price of one too.

It’s not what you’re thinking. We’re actually amiable, accommodating chaps. But we do deliver work that’s bang on brief entirely remotely…

Don’t worry. We’re fully Mac-literate. The pencils we refer to are the ones arrayed on our shelves from awards shows all over the world…

No, this is not one of those online education scams you’ve read about… We can put our combined 50 years’ experience at your disposal.

Of course we’re not free in every respect but we do like to be accommodating, especially for a nice juicy brief.

In these trying times, it’s possible that you might need some backup, some support, a number two if you will, or even two of them.