The answer’s yes.
Now what’s the question?

Of course, GB Advertising isn’t just GB Advertising.

It’s also GB creative strategy, digital, web design, copywriting, content, corporate identity, internal comms, in fact the complete marketing package.

Because every time a brand speaks, it should come from the same place, with a joined-up identity and the same distinctive tone of voice rooted in its single-minded positioning.


We have decades of experience in print, TV and radio advertising both above and below the line, from retail, FMCG and automotive through heavy industry and tech to political parties, charities and travel.

Creative strategy

One of our key strengths lies in unearthing a point of difference that can differentiate the brand from everything else in its sector, boosting awareness and sales.


Don’t write off the written word! In fact, with the advent of the internet, writing is making a monumental comeback. And writing persuasive, engaging copy is perhaps more important now than ever before.

Corporate identity

We specialise in creating identities that are truly rooted in a brand’s heritage and culture, differentiate the brand from its competitors and flow from the key proposition. Developing brand guidelines documents also forms an important part of our offering.

Social content

The function of social content is often misunderstood. We are skilled in creating content for brands that piques a consumer’s interest and builds relationships based upon perceptions of a brand consumers truly want to engage with.

Websites and eshots

A website is a consumer’s first port of call in checking out your brand, whether driven there by advertising, email or word of mouth. What this means is that a website should obviously connect to your other communications engage the reader and succinctly deliver on the brand promise.

Design for print

We’re committed to the belief that design should never exist in a self-indulgent vacuum but always serve the brand message. Not only that but design should always represent an evolution of the brand’s existing visual assets.

In-house education

We’ve recently experienced an increasing demand for us to share our experience with educational institutions and clients with Richard having taught on the marketing course at Thames Valley University in London and James currently running marketing classes at MMU in Manchester.

Word of mouth

Every time we create brand communications for our clients we have one eye on promoting the message through an intrusive and newsworthy approach that will generate media coverage and word of mouth, maximising marketing spend through free publicity.